The best camera is the one with you......

Gorrila with infant (Rwanda).


A friend of mine recently came back from Rwanda where she trekked into the mountains and spent some time with the mountain gorillas. On her return I had the pleasure of looking at her photographs.

One in particular stood out. A mother gorilla with her new infant, only three days old according to the accompanying guides. The mother was cautious and spent most of her time in the shade secluded by foliage but did venture further out into an area of sunlight. It was then that the image below was taken. I have cropped it, made it monochrome and removed some distraction around the border but ultimately this is an intimate portrait of a mother gorilla and her infant in the wild.

I would be proud to have this hung on my wall. Considering the positive remarks of fellow photographers whilst it was being printed in Photoghost many are in agreement. This is a wonderful image of an amazing subject. For those who may have noticed a lack of technical information in the description and was curious it was taken with a Fujifilm S5700. The camera was introduced in 2007 with a 7MP sensor.

Thus the title of this blog entry ‘The best camera is the one with you…..’

I wish to thank Christine Beard for kindly allowing me to reproduce her image. Through her voluntary work Christine travels to Rwanda to assist their teaching professionals and is an inspiration.